Urbantime by Diemmebi

A brand for outdoor and public spaces

since 1983

  • Why Urbantime?

We firmly believe that the time we spend in public urban spaces and outdoors in general deserves the same attention and quality time that we spend in our homes. This is the reason behind the creation of Urbantime, to show what we are aiming for, namely to give the same value to the moments in our life that take place outside our homes.

URBANTIME is the furniture collection created to make these moments in the life of each and everyone of us more comfortable: when we are waiting for a train, enjoying an ice cream in the shade of a tree in a deserted square or taking a minute to recover before the next training block along a cycling path.


  • From collection to brand, our history.

URBANTIME is a registered trademark of DIEMMEBI, which has dedicated over thirty years to bringing Italian style to the furnishing of settings open to the public: schools, conference rooms, airports and hospitals.

URBANTIME is a brand created to bring the same quality, passion and style to outdoor public spaces: parks, streets, cycling paths, swimming pools and hotels. Over the years, this awareness has grown and developed into a showcase for a genuine brand offering timely innovative solutions to meet the growing market demands.


  • Who is/are the mastermind(s) behind our products?

Each product is the result of a chain of “masterminds” who dedicate their heart and soul to the same mission. The mind of those who designed them, combined with those who support or engineer them, those who produce them, those who tell their story, those who promote them and those who then install them and finally, with those who use them: the most important mind of all which we try to win over with the quality of our products year after year.

  • What is our approach to the design?

In our vision of things, a design object must have an intrinsic industrial vocation. Respecting the highest standards of quality and durability is made possible by our primary approach to the product design. Industrialising a product means maintaining constant quality standards while lowering production costs which in a more artisan supply chain would not be possible.

  • What is our idea of the future?

The recent world emergency has made us reflect on the extent to which our actions, whether big or small, affect the future. We have realised that we are interconnected, that the ecological balance of the earth is fragile and how the economic balance also depends on it. Everyone needs to do their part, especially those involved in industrial and production activities.


  • What do we ask of our products?

We ask a lot of our products: to be comfortable, attractive, practical and long-lasting. These requirements are all-important for us, to the extent that the creation of a new product or collection only occurs after in-depth research and study of materials, resistance and comfort, to give the end user a reliable and long-lasting product in terms of both quality of the materials and design. Our products are, in fact, designed not to age and not depend on fleeting fashion trends.

  • Why have we chosen these materials?

Metal, one of the materials which has had the most influence on the history of mankind, brings with it truly unparalleled characteristics. Diemmebi, the parent company of the Urbantime brand, has specialised over the years in the production of high-quality metal products.The parent company’s know-how and its strong production capacity have meant that the outdoor collection could benefit from this huge pool of knowledge in metalworking.The internal processes of laser cutting, bending, robot welding and painting are performed in-house, guaranteeing effective quality control throughout the production chain and allowing the best solutions to be chosen for each product, whether standard or limited edition.Metal, which is 100% recyclable through fusion, is, therefore, the main material of the collection, in the Urbantime spirit of taking care of the environment in which we live and our planet.


  • Urbantime in 3 words; which ones would you use?

Elegance: Italian design, the result of expert hands and the tradition which has made our country great worldwide for designer furniture.

Sobriety: simple and clean lines, which blend into the most disparate environments without necessarily dominating them, but respecting the beauty that distinguishes our landscape;

Longevity: durable products, resistant materials and custom treatments to guarantee that our products will stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions.



  • What inspires our work?

We are inspired by the beauty of our cities and stunning Italian landscapes where the objects of the Urbantime collection are installed in a natural setting. The beauty which surrounds us is our greatest stimulus, as are the history and culture of our country.Products for the community, such as the benches that adorn a playground or the garden of a home for the elderly, have always been a symbol of sharing.Public space, which has been maligned for years, is, however, an important place for making new friends and sharing dreams and projects, so making it both attractive and functional is our mission.


  • How long does it take to design an urban furniture product? What are the fundamental steps from an idea to its realisation?

Time frames can vary a lot because we always try to incorporate elements of innovation into each project. Right from the design phase, we take into account the technical and construction implications related to the production potential of Diemmebi.

The time from the idea to the production of the product is relatively short. The request to design a new product usually stems from a strong market requirement, marketing research or a brilliant idea by the designers.

The must-have features are then defined, plus the materials and production costs, followed by the prototypes and various tests that the new product must undergo.

Finally, there is the engineering and commercial launch, which is required to make the new product known and ensure its features are appreciated by a wider audience.


  • What are the added benefits of our contract products? What sets us apart?

Urbantime products stand out for their unique and elegant design. The sobriety of the Urbantime product lines lends itself to a contract project, injecting character without overdoing it. The breadth of the product families, available in a variety of colours, allows infinite compositions and solutions to be created.Great flexibility and short time to market are key features, as is a meticulous and well-prepared after-sales service to meet the needs of the buyer.


  • If you think about Urbantime, what colours come to mind? Why?

I imagine the Zeroquindici sofa. The 015 Sofa in yellow on which Jep Gambardella is seated, sporting a yellow jacket, in the famous scene of the film “The Great Beauty” in front of the statue of Neptune; eternity, beauty and eccentricity rolled up into one image. I think of the anthracite grey of the Busy collection teamed with the Ribaltino and Ribaltone tables in the same colour, as the setting for the exclusive nightlife of Milan in Corso Como.  I would enjoy the Ventiquattrore .h24 bench in the white and wood finish version in an afternoon in August in a dazzling Ostuni.

This is the comment by the designer, Natalia Rota Nodari, the mastermind of many of the products in the collection along with her husband, Alberto Basaglia.


  • Why certify a product?

It is a question of guarantee and quality for the end user. Quality that is recognised and certified by a third party brings prestige to a company and is essential for products for public use.

  • What should never be missing in an Urbantime product?

The very best possible use of pre-existing materials and components, a signature style and eco-sustainability.


  • Why choose us?

Because we bring beauty and sobriety to the places you love.

Because what we propose stands out from what the market offers.

Because our products never go unnoticed.

Enjoy your Urbantime!

Visit our showroom in Via dell’Industria 14 in Vittorio Veneto or come and find us at international fairs, such as Orgatec in Cologne, Maison&Objet in Paris, Neocon in Chicago and at ASLA, the on-the-road trade fair in the USA.


  • Where can you see our products?

Visit our showroom in Via dell’Industria 14 in Vittorio Veneto or come and find us at international fairs, such as Orgatec in Cologne, Maison&Objet in Paris, Neocon in Chicago and at ASLA, the on-the-road trade fair in the USA.

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