Urban spaces, large public and commercial areas will increasingly become part of our lives. It is estimated that in 2030, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. So why not transform them into environments where social life can exist in full quality, aesthetics, and architecture? Urbantime is the natural branch for outdoor and public spaces of Diemmebi, a leading company in the community sector. A collection made of furniture 100% made in Italy, ranging from benches to aluminium chairs, universally suitable from houses to cities. A collection in which we wanted to represent all our Italian spirit, made of culture, craftsmanship, and style. A collection that wants to convey beauty, congeniality, fun, essential elements to share those that, with hindsight, become the best moments, always. A collection that also cares about future generations, made with completely recyclable materials that do not require any maintenance. Urbantime helps designers enrich our cities.


Since 1983


We produce practical furniture elements that go hand in hand with evolving approaches to collective and domestic spaces. Every new idea seeks to generate improvements along the entire production chain, offering the market innovation at arm’s reach to all. Production takes place in Italy and involves the collaboration of more than 60 partner companies. Everything begins from our R&D department, where we define the quality, form and function of our products in coordination with our designers’ creativity. This quality has been acknowledged by several international awards such as the NeoCon Gold Award, the Interzum Award and the ADI Design Index.

Quality and Sustainability

ISO 9001/2015


For us the quality of life and of the environment, both working and natural, is crucial. That’s why Diemmebi creates products characterized by “thoughtful” quality and sustainability. This means conceiving the product as being projected into the future – when it will be disposed of – and anticipating now the questions we will need to ask ourselves in that moment. In 1998, we were one of the first Italian companies in this sector to be certified to ISO 9000 quality standard.

The Zeroquindici.015 and Ventiquattrore.H24 ranges are fully tested at CATAS to durability and strength (EN 12727:2000) as well as to Heat and Humidity (PTP 45) and Abrasion (ISO 9227:2012). This is why we allow 5 years of warranty for these collections.

The remaining products are tested at CATAS to durability and sthrenght and are offered with a 2 years warrranty.


Industrial production

100% Made in Italy

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