Urbantime by Diemmebi offers a series of standard finishes, stemming from painstaking research into market trends and the ongoing need for improvement and innovation in the field of colour.

The VENTIQUATTRORE.H24 collection has a signature classic and timeless mood, accompanied by matt finishes in RAL 9005 Jet Black, RAL 3002 Carmine Red, RAL 9003 Signal White, RAL 7032 Pebble Grey and the Micaceous Anthracite finish, an industrial-style finish comparable to RAL 7024, even though it has a distinctive speckled texture.

An unexpected solution is also available for the entire collection: a heat transfer film with a wood effect used to coat the metal slats. This truly innovative solution provides the same degree of durability but with an added classic flair.

The heat transfer film not only looks like wood, it also feels like wood with the typical attractive wood grain finish.

ZEROQUINDICI.015, the collection featuring avant-garde techniques and design, has glossy, bright and lively colour finishes in RAL 3002 Carmine Red, RAL 6029 Mint Green and RAL 9003 Signal White, matt finishes in RAL 9005 Jet Black,  RAL 9006 White Aluminuim and micaceous anthracite; there is always the standard option of using simple stainless steel instead, renowned in other areas for its intrinsic durability and resistance to the elements.

The CORTINA.026 collection is the inspiring new entry in the Urbantime product range. In addition to the matt finishes which it has in common with the H24 collection, CORTINA.026 also features the standard colours of RAL 1004 Golden Yellow and RAL 5023 Distant Blue, conceived to furnish spaces that allow you to dream.

To fulfil specific market requests, RAL paint colours are available on request, with a small surcharge, when at least six pieces are ordered. If the order is much larger, i.e. fourteen pieces or more, no surcharge will be added on for the custom finish.

With regard to the treatments, the products of the three main collections (015-H24-026) undergo hot-dip galvanization, a treatment which consists of immersing the steel articles in a tank of molten zinc. The recommended temperature for the metal is 450° C.

The level of the tank is adjusted daily by adding zinc and alloys with quality in compliance with UNI EN ISO 1461 and related standards.

The aluminium frame and slats of the H24 collection and those in steel of the 015 collection, such as the frame of the LEG03 and LEG04 tables, are coated with polyester powder paint. This guarantees excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.
It is, therefore, suitable, above all, for finishing articles intended for outdoor use. The polyester powder paints provide excellent resistance to UV rays, atmospheric and chemical agents with high durability and no peeling. The final curing phase to ensure hardening takes place at high temperatures (around 170°).

Another treatment used for Urbantime products is cataphoresis. Cataphoretic coating is a process in which the articles are immersed in a bath of paint diluted with water and charged by an electric current, which completely coats the surface of the parts immersed.  This is one of the most eco-friendly industrial painting systems and also provides excellent resistance to corrosion.

This process, for example, is used for the Busy and Wire chairs.


The treatments and finishes employed, chosen with care to guarantee the best performance, demonstrate not only the attention taken in creating a durable product, but above all, the special focus placed on the environment in which we live. The theme of durability, which is often a neglected detail, is part of the wider issue of respect for the environment and the circular economy.

Our collections are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, as well as being maintenance free.

The life cycle of a product, therefore, goes hand in hand with respect for the environment and the people who live in it.




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