Basaglia + Rota Nodari

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 “If there is no one to communicate with, there is no design but instead artistic and creative workmanship. The real strength of a designer is to understand the company for which they are working with, and to express their creativity within that particular context. Creativity originates from opportunity. Not vice versa. Otherwise it is not design but tout court creativity, the one that originates spontaneously in any one”.


The pair of architects and designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari made their professional debut in 1997, founding the Associated Firm named after them.

With the first design project, the “Antennati” collection for the company YDF, in 1999 they won first prize in the Young & Design competition, happily materialising their strong ability to understand the potential of the company with which they work, interpreting its traits in the product.

Many collaborations are still ongoing, and even more projects have been developed. From environmental reclamation and renovation of industrial archaeology buildings, to the creation of display areas and environments, up to the adventure in the food design.

Winners of the 2007 Good Design Award for the system of modular bookcases called Boox and made by Rexite, Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari have successfully worked in many other areas of architecture and furnishings.

“Seizing the specific energies of the person we are communicating with and finding the way to enhance them through the creation of alternative visions, often complementary to that which is already exists”. This is what the duo said about themselves in 2013, during the opening of “Alternative Synergies. 15 years of projects for companies”, held in Milan at the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni.

Firmly convinced that the best design comes from working in strict contact with the client, knowing the company that has to actually make the product, Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari have often started working with companies for individual pieces, to then arriving at handling its entire image.

In 2016 the S’mesh family chair, designed for Diemmebi, has been selected by ADI Design Index for the “Compasso d’Oro” 2018 award.

“That which applies to design projects also applies to the study of a coordinated image: brand, graphics, communication tools and merchandising. Everything is functional to representing, through an image, the substance of a company”.

Since 2009 they have designed the light collection. The last one, Giravolta, was born in 2017.

They have also designed for Blitz Bovisa, BPA, Caffè Bonomi, De Nardi, Diemmebi, Fermob/Vlaemynck, FAS Pendezza, Filippi 1971, Grand Tour Tino Sana, Il legno dalla natura alle cose, I TRE, Lema, Luxit, Mamà Design Italia, Outlook Design Italia, Pedrali, Progetti, Rexite, Sar Metal, Steiner, Treca Interiors Paris, Viganò Office, YDF.


WEB: www.basagliarotanodari.com

Angelo Pinaffo

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Angelo Pinaffo was born in Padua in 1966. He studied at the State Institute of Art “Pietro Selvatico” in Padua, where he got first the Art’s Master certificate and then the Applied Arts certificate in “Architecture and Interior Design”. He completed his academic career at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV) in “Architectural Design” course of study.

Since the beginning of his academic training his remarkable creative ability allowed him to cooperate with important professional studios of architecture and design, establishing a decisive and steady relationship with the professional world. Among his numerous experiences he entered also some national and international architectural competitions and some important projects in Architecture Restoration and Museological Design in the academic field. In the course of the years thanks to his versatility he has realized projects in architecture, furniture, interior, industrial and graphic design. Since the second half of the 90’s he progressively has focused his work as freelance in the industrial design, improving his specialization with design solutions in seatings for office, community, contract and house furniture. In this sector he cooperates with the most important companies. For the most different areas and purposes he has conceived and designed new and original mechanical solutions, most of them have been patented.

With the constant search for simplicity and the great attention to detail, his work aims to reach an aesthetical and technical originality among form, function and industrial requirements. Thanks to his long experience, he follows the product from the idea to the development, industrialization and its complete realization.


2003 – Silver Award at Best of NeoCon of Chicago with the monobloc system designed for universities, conference halls and training rooms “Copernicus” (Sitmatic).
2004 – preselection of the Compasso d’oro Award (the first and most influential European award in the field of design of ADI – Association for Industrial Design) with the auditorium armchairs collection designed especially for conference, auditorium, theatres and cinema “Steel” (Deko Collezioni s.r.l.).
2014 – Gold Award at Best of NeoCon of Chicago (category Seating: Stacking) and selected as among the five finalists of The 2014 Best of NeoCon Competition with the family of chairs “laKendō” (Diemmebi).
2015 – Interzum Award High Product Quality – Intelligent material & design – with the castor “Kendō” (Diemmebi).