Piazza Vittorio Veneto (Bergamo) become a living room en plein air

Event: ‘Il legno dalla natura alle cose’ (Wood from nature to things)

‘IL LEGNO dalla Natura alle Cose’ (WOOD from Nature to Things), an event designed by the Fondazione Museo del Falegname Tino Sana that brings together the main companies of the Bergamo area with the aim of spreading the culture of matter, raises the curtain on its new installation: a welcoming living room ‘en plein air’ (outdoor) in Piazza Vittorio Veneto (Bergamo) for everyone, including the numerous visitors who will attend the September events of I Maestri del Paesaggio 2018. A space created thanks to the collaboration with the Venetian company DIEMMEBI, who contributed with the Urbantime furnishings, in particular with the Zeroquindici.015 collection. An outdoor collection full of models, represented here by the linear bench in round tubular metal. For this event DIEMMEBI has designed a special installation system for the benches that allows the insertion of panels between the seats. A detail in line with the spirit with which this series was conceived, designed to solve specific needs of the contract world thanks to the detail-oriented, clean design.

The square thus becomes a place of rest and information for the many events that will animate the city from 6 to 23 September. Among these, the exhibition ‘IL LEGNO dalla Natura alle Cose: La straordinaria quotidianità del legno’ (‘THE WOOD from Nature to Things: The extraordinary everyday relevance of wood’) at Palazzo della Ragione in Piazza Vecchia of Città Alta which will host 100×100 Achilles, the exhibition created by the Achille Castiglioni Foundation to celebrate the anniversary of Achille’s birthday, last 16 February. An exhibition born from an invitation to over 100 of the most important designers in the world to make a gift to Achille: an anonymous object.

The entire 100×100 Achille collection (exhibited until the end of July in Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, Milan) plus some products designed by Castiglioni, combined with the object from which the inspiration was drawn, becomes the ideational process of ‘IL LEGNO dalla natura alle cose: La straordinaria quotidianità del legno’ but that is not all. All the 41 companies of IL LEGNO dalla Natura alle Cose, will each exhibit their own project, object, or mechanism – obviously in wood – which is part of their productive ‘everyday routine’, but is at the same time brilliant for solution, creation process, or use. The pleasure of discovery in objects that we touch and experience every day.

DIEMMEBI is particularly proud to participate in the event that commemorates the great Milanese master, who has always been a point of reference for the company for his teachings, first among them – the function of the object. These products, designed to solve specific needs of the contract world thanks to their detail-oriented, clean design, where the use of colour, always pure and vivid, contributes to a dynamic and smart image, successfully already managed to avoid excessive technicalities and a homologated aesthetics in the name of functionality, making it the optimal choice even in some residential areas. The next step, which now takes the strength of a true brand philosophy, is the implementation of the use of the same furnishings to offer an authentic turnkey for multiple uses, with the possibility of ranging from the private garden to the commercial area, to the outdoor and lounge areas of bars and leisure venues, up to parks and public areas. Pleasant moments of sharing experienced outside, in the name of a refined design whose quality and aesthetics are perceptible but not predominant in the user experience: we invite you to discover the new Urbantime collection, destined to enrich with its beauty urban spaces in which everyday life takes place.

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