Jingold S.p.A.

Jingold S.p.A.

Jingold S.p.A.

Architect: Sabrina Sintucci
Photos: Paolo Diani

Zeroquindici.015 collection undisputed protagonist of the new Jingold S.p.A. offices.

Made under the careful supervision of architect Sabrina Sintucci, they perfectly follow the dictates of the new trend for the office, which wants the presence of outdoor and kitchen furniture as an invitation to a less traditional way of working, more tailored to people and their needs.

Recent studies, including the one performed by CSIL on a sample of 100 furniture distributors and European interior designers, show how the distribution of products for the office is expanding to a more global consulting service. From the mere supply of elements to an extension of the range of offered products, expanded to furnishings from the outdoor and kitchen world.

Unconventional furnishings become the new protagonists in the offices of companies that do not think exclusively in a traditional way, but that instead focus on a broader concept which fosters the exchange of ideas and sharing of time.

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