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Urban spaces, large public and commercial areas will increasingly become part of our lives. It is estimated that in 2030, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. So why not transform them into environments where social life can exist in full quality, aesthetics, and architecture? Urbantime is the natural branch for outdoor and public spaces of Diemmebi, a leading company in the community sector. A collection made of furniture 100% made in Italy, ranging from benches to aluminium chairs, universally suitable from houses to cities. A collection in which we wanted to represent all our Italian spirit, made of culture, craftsmanship, and style. A collection that wants to convey beauty, congeniality, fun, essential elements to share those that, with hindsight, become the best moments, always. A collection that also cares about future generations, made with completely recyclable materials that do not require any maintenance.

Urbantime helps designers enrich our cities.


Diemmebi Spa
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